Creative Play Center

Area: 8.076 m2

Creative Play Support Facility.

The project is designed to be environmentally sustainable from the construction phase to its final use. Exposed glass façades are provided with brise soleil for sun protection.

Green walls also isolate the façades from heat and cold.

Each program is naturally well ventilated and illuminated so the building could be able to reduce the use of air conditioning and artificial lighting, leaving room for welcoming spaces to work and stay. Also the level of the Professional Theatrical People Suport program is equipped with green patios that allow natural lighting and ventilation in every office and practice room.

Back of House / Front of House.

The whole building in designed so that public and private circulations are separated. In this way, the public and actors will be able to use each program easily.

All can use the vertical communication core but at the same time actors and workers can access the third level through a private access on the outside steps from the street.

It is, together with the loading and unloading areas, the back of house itinerary of the building. The rest would be the front of house, for the public and users of the building.

Big Lobby.

Ground level

The interior of the building is organized on every level around a vertical core that locates vertical communications and public toilets and showers.

This core on every level makes way for a lobby that is the distribution heart of every level program.

First level
Second level
Third level

Multifunctional theatre.

The proposal includes the design of a theatre which would be able to accommodate a wide performance spectrum: dance, opera and all sizes of performance theatre.

It allows a big programming schedule.

To make it work, the proposal includes two types of loading and unloading areas. The first one is on basement level -1, next to the parking lot of this level and is for vans in the case of small and medium performances. Vans would be able to access it along the car slope to the basement and unload the performance set on the scene level.

For the other one, in the case of performances with big sets, there is a loading and unloading area on the first level for trucks. It is provided with a big platform elevator next to the scene.