Creative Music Center

Area: 5.410sqm

Outdoor performance space.

A semi-public outdoor performance space is located on the seventh floor of the building, transforming the roof into a vibrant place to enjoy musical performances. It is far from the traffic noise and invites the users to enjoy the views over the city.

By designing this outdoor performance space on the seventh floor, we allow the user to take part in the operation of the building while having control of visitors at the same time. In this way, in the case of an event, to reach the outdoor performance a citizen will enter the lobby, use the Café and take the lifts to reach the seventh floor without interrupting the daily activity of the Center.

Strings: the Façade.

The glazing skin is covered with an aluminium brise-soleil that protects the public zone from the eastern and western sun, and, at the same time, it
lets the northern light enter the space. This cladding provides an iconic image to the building that recalls instrument strings and sound waves.

Air: the Public Space.

A big air pocket like a large lung is attached to the program, evoking the air inside musical instruments.
It starts on the first level, accommodating activities and events in the building lobby. As we go upstairs, this public zone expresses itself as a vibrant community space.

Two indoor gardens are included as leisure spaces, associated to rehearsal activities and collective rest during class breaks. These green spots create a more human and natural building.

The public space is complemented with stairs transformed into stands, which give support to users out of their classes. They will promote
improvised rehearsals or small concerts so the large space will be filled with musical activities, youth meeting points and lively corners.