Creating a Cultural Depot

Area: 5.400spm

Rehabilitating Mapo Oil Depot into a Cultural Depot Park.

We propose to complete the existing trials by extending them to connect with the trial system.
History and culture are always fixed, it is very convenient to modify with care this historical place in order to house contemporary cultural programmes by letting the user the possibility to live a place that historically was used for another purpose.
Rehabilitating instead of demolishing is a sensitive way to conserve archi-tecture, history and memory

Landscape & Topography _ Natural Paths & Trail

Tank programmes _ Sensitive furniture pieces.

The spirit of the proposal is to not mask what there is nowadays, but to hi-ghlight the beautiful dialogue between the landscape and the five oil tanks.
Following this concept, the proposal intervenes in the tanks to change the programme they were built for in a special way. By almost not touching them, by letting them show their beauty and memory.
That is why the tanks will be colonised with respectful furniture pieces that will transform the big space into attractive Cultural Spaces. Furniture pieces that will not touch the walls, nor the ceiling of the tanks by taking advantage of the generous tank’s height. They will be independent and will have their own structure and support.

The roofs of the Tanks _ The façade to the Landscape

As the tanks are hidden in the topography, its roofs are what the tanks shows to the landscape. As they are the highest points of the cultural itine-rary, the five roofs will become five important viewpoints.
These viewpoints will have different treatments depending on the size of the tank and its new programme.
The first and fifth tanks are the smallest ones so their roofs will be covered with a deck to become spaces to enjoy the views and rest.
The other three tanks will have “ring viewpoints” to surround the roof that will be covered with a new light material that will reflect the sky. They will be called “sky mirrors” and will create different sensations to the user of the viewpoint.
These three sky mirrors will act as an attractor for people when looking from far away. They will see a light reflection that will inform that something ha-ppens in the tanks. It is considered also a delicate actuation that will not modify the landscape but it will complement it with a minimal operation.