Area: 43.575 m2

Re-Structuring Seunsangga Citywalk.

Flow organization

Nature as the main concept.

The design proposes to connect and create continuity with a green floor and natural materials.
The protagonists of the design will be green parks, trees, flowers, wooden walkways and open-air activities.
The landscape on ground floor together with the elevated public connections will create a new eco-landmark in Seoul.


Eco-architectural icons

To complement the activities on deck level, the proposal includes three points along the complex with a new covered program.
These will be elevated architectural devices on the three main crossroads. They will be not only containers of public program but also floating city eco-icons.
With a curious vegetal form, these architectural devices will house pro-tected space from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer: a kind of oasis while walking along the open-air deck.
They will be made of natural materials as well as the rest of the elevated con-nections (wood and bamboo) and they will have also a green roof so they will be naturally insulated.

North elevation

Deck level _ Pedestrian continuity.

A balcony over the landscape.
The existing deck of Seunsangga Complex has several gaps that need to be connected in order to achieve a continuous walkway at deck level.
Every connection consists in a 2,5m. width pier meticulously designed with light structures of wood and bamboo to create a natural place where pedestrians will be able to cross every crossroad, continue their walkway along the deck and obser-ve the city over the landscape.
Deck connections are solved with a sensitive strategy whose main purpose is to not build Seunsangga complex even more, but to enhance the existing building and improve the public spaces over and under the deck.