Art Complex

Area:5.101 sqm

Art Complex in Pyeongchang-dong, Seoul. Korea.

Big Balcony

The main intention of the proposal is to concentrate the requested program in a building located on a strategic point of the biggest site.
With this operation we achieve two targets:

General Plan

+Liberate the rest ground floor of the rest of the sites to create a public spaces system that unifies the Project.


+Design a building that will take advantage of the topography to become the important View Point of the area. The purpose is to create a Balcony over Bukaksan.

Ground Level
First Level

Sensitive Urban-Nature Public Spaces

The ground level of the rest of the sites is designed to allocate public space where the Environment Respect is the main goal.
Several wooden platforms connected with wooden ramps dialogues with the natural topography and create spaces to rest, read and enjoy the landscape.
At the same time, urban plazas are created on the main horizontal sites where natural materials as wood, green and water coexist to generate natural atmospheres that invites to the rest of the user.
It is the perfect complement to a building made to enjoy reading and exhibitions.

Second Level