Arts Pavilion Design

Area: 620 sqm

West Kowloon Cultural District Arts Pavilion.

The future Arts Pavilion will be located in the West Kowloon Cultural District within a maritime environment, Victoria Harbour.
However this place will be a future huge cultural complex surrounded by green forest and seawater.
The Arts Pavilion should take these points into account; not only the deep cultural character it will have, but also the industrial place where it belongs.
In this way, the structure of The Project is designed evoking the structure of a boat. Sixteen light metallic ribs disposed in a radial way form the whole pavilion. Nevertheless a visitor will have the experience of being under a tree as the interior has been designed with the form of a trunk and branches so that nature gets inside the pavilion.

Past and Future. Maritime influence, forest environment.

The skin allows normal use indoor of the pavilion without need of artificial light during the day, which means an energy saving.
During the night it will become a lintern attraction as the skin has backlighting quality.


The skin of the Pavilion is a flexible and very light material that involves the whole building, being the roof and facades. It is adapted to the geometry, and so light that the structure does not have to be calculated to support big weights.
It has an easy and fast assembly and gives a sophisticated external appearance to the Pavilion.
The skin of the facades is designed to have movement, so that the façade can be mechanically changed depending on the type of exhibit or the daylight. This is part of its flexible character.