Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Pop Music Center

Area: 110.300sqm

Kpop City.

Pole of attraction.

The project mixes the two things Taiwanese people like the most, enjoy food and music.
In addition to the facilities required for the Maritime Center, it is included that wonderful invention that is the Taiwanese Night Market (NM), but adapted to the XXI century. We give the opportunity for people to buy food at the night market and then enjoy it at open air, peacefully with family and friends, listen to rehearsals and concerts of musicians, whether professional or not, because the project also makes possible concerts and and activities non-professional and unscheduled. This way this project allows the flow of uses, (in one site it is not necessary to be done just one thing) and makes possible other kinds of desirable situations to emerge (see prototypes). Thus, in addition to providing a cultural center of reference in Kaohsiung it also provides a quality public space.

The project is divided into 3 parts:

1 Pop Music Performance Area. Large. This area, on one hand, faces the bay and on the other hand is connected to the adjacent park allowing a balance of density in the number of people.

2 The central Unit. It is the point of connection to the urban fabric. Inherits the intensity of the urban activity and articulates the connection with the
areas 1 and 3 of the project. This intensity is reflected in the program, including: Area of small food stands (Night Market) and restaurants, shopping,
facilities for making music, seating area and occasional concerts.

3 Small Performance Halls. Gets the linear direction marked by the urban fabric. Despite its linearity, due to the heterogeneity of the program and the architectural language , the feeling of repetition moves away.