Artificial Intelligence and SUSTAINABILITY for West Kowloon PARK PAVILION.


The plan is geometrically circular, the circle being a perfect and flexible geometry, exactly equal in all directions. The core of the circle is the core of the structure, and has the enclo-sed programme, so that the space that surrounds the core is a homogeneous exhibit area. However as the façade is so flexible, the space could be oriented to any point, thus being varied.
Only the outdoor design marks where people can sit to relax and enjoy the waterfront views, where the exhibits continue on the outdoor platforms or where the slope main access and possible stair exits to the garden are.
The Simplicity of the design will be helpful for easy assembly and the building schedule.


The skin of the Pavilion is a flexible and very light material that involves the whole building, being the roof and facades. It is adapted to the geometry, and so light that the structure does not have to be calculated to support big weights.

It has an easy and fast assembly and gives a sophisticated external appearance to the Pavilion.
The skin of the facades is designed to have movement, so that the façade can be mechanically changed depending on the type of exhibit or the daylight. This is part of its flexible character.

The skin allows normal use indoor of the pavilion without need of artificial light during the day,  which means an energy saving.